Home Heaven

Home Heaven

By recently moving to Paris and having to exercise the nuances of packing, storing and detaching, I also had the opportunity to revisit one of my lists, my home heaven list. I wanted to make sure to have my own  instant heaven " to go".

As most of my list, they all evolve as I do, and in this particular moment, surrounded by the allures of Paris, a new flat and some space constrain, some additions and even some fine tuning seemed "de rigueur".

Of course, each home heaven is personal but besides the obvious as comfort, order and some of the pleasures provided by technology, I have come to the conclusion that most of us like to linger in rooms that carry personal history, rooms surrounded by loved objects and as important, the sensorial experiences we highlight them with. The presence of all the senses in a living space indulge us into a state of well being. One that combined with our enriching life momentous we most likely can transform our daily rituals and some mundane activities into a daily heaven extraordinaire. 

The objects

Luckily my own personal treasures were easily accommodated in a few suitcases and some small boxes. An Ottoman Empire baby vest embroidered with silver threat found between dust and chaos in a tiny antique shop in the south of Turkey. A delicate hand carved shell purchase by my parents in Italy long way before I was born and that I have carried in every home, every country I have lived, little silver Turkish ashtrays and decorative items gather in my visits to the Istanbul Grand Bazaar, snake skin decorative boxes and trays , photo frames with my family and friends and my beloved tabletop, all contributed to adorn with ease and personality my new flat. Selecting items you love to surround you is the first step towards your instant home heaven.

Home textiles

Exceptional bedding is my number one essential. For years I have been collecting bedding and still my favorite today is the simple heavy european linen bedding. I love how it crinkle, how soft it gets with time and the deliciously crispy feeling of the recently ironed ones. They are imperfectly beautiful. I do love also cashmere everything, blankets, throws, robes and slippers. By mixing layers of soft textiles around the house and ourselves awakes tactile desire, sensual comfort and sense of cocooning that I strive for. Paying attention to our home textiles, selecting quality over quantity will bring years of pleasure and a great sense of good living.

Signature home scent

Choosing the right scent for our home is as important as the one we chose for our own. Our home scent is alive in our minds as the sweet smell of the loved one. The expectation of arriving, lounging or waking up to both could be equally exciting and comforting. 

Fresh blooms 

No room is alive until real life comes to it. I love to surround myself with fresh vibrant flowers, my favorites, one color bouquets of roses, peonies or always elegant, orchids. I find fresh flowers not to be a luxury but a reminder of the wonders of nature. Flowers bring beauty, color and freshness to our spaces.Giving them a place in our homes, with the small effort this require, we certainly improve our daily sensorial pleasures.

The goodies

I admit, coffee and cars, I give it to the Italians. My sweet friend Anna, as a good Italian she is, knows this well. As a gift, even before I moved, she already had a wonderful coffee machine for me in the waiting. I can't emphasize enough how much I love my morning coffee and having it available the first morning in my Parisian flat, was priceless. Daily, while cover up to my chin, warm cup in hand is when my whole world takes shape, color and inspiration.

Caramel "Au beurre sale", rose petal jam, perfect creamy butter from Normandie or a box of very rich and good quality chocolates and champagne are some of my favorite goodies. The pleasure of having your favorite readily available at home, turn any moment in culinary parade.

The sounds

I love silence. But I also appreciated most type of music and many of the sounds of nature. But at home I am becoming more in tune of what I am listening to.Even the sound of silence I enjoy while having my, you already know, cherish morning coffee, is perfect for my perfect morning ambiance. Identifying what makes us feel good to our ear is a great improvement to the quality of our lives and to avoid the disturbing is indispensable to an harmonious living.

I dedicate some of my free time to assemble all types of playlist. Morning, Sunday afternoon, road trip and dinner with friends are some of my current playlists. Of course, as all my list, these ones also evolve, but so far my playlists are already covering most themes and occasions. A wonderful impromptu mood lifter!

After all, my home heaven list didn't change that much, perhaps I recognize today that I am more inspire to live lighter, with more ease and delight in my everyday life. My home heaven is yummy, unpretentious and layered with quality and memories. 
I strive for the pleasures we choose to add to it, the awareness of feeding our senses, the quality of the experiences we carry with us and of course, our own "Joie de vivre".